6th Stage, 8th Block, Banashankari, Bengaluru - 560060
Affiliation No: 830483

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Affiliation No: 830483

Events and Happenings

Aksharabhyasa and Vidyarambham was conducted for the newly joined students. The programme was initiated with Gana Homa followed by Saraswati Pooja. After Homa and Pooja, Bhajans were sung by our music teachers. All the students and the parents participated in Pushparchane.

Our guest of honour was His Holiness Sri Swami Nirbhayanandaji from Ramakrishna Mutt, Bijapur. Ashok Sonkarji and G.K.Shenoyji graced the occasion. Swami Nibhayanandaji blessed the tiny tots by making them write ‘Om’ with the turmeric stick on the rice grains. This has marked the new beginning in our students’ life.

Swamiji has abundant knowledge in all manners of life. He addressed the parents and threw light on the importance of Hindu education and the responsibilities of the parents and teachers. He emphasized more on the analytical approach towards education. He motivated the audience to have the burning desire to keep learning, as learning has no age limit. His stressed upon three most important points : There is no substitute for good education. All information should be given to the child so that it can create its own destiny. Education not to be limited to the classroom as it can be absorbed from everywhere around.